ICYMI: Congressman Mike Simpson receives “The Spirit of Enterprise Award”

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Congressman Mike Simpson was in Eastern Idaho today to accept an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon hosted by the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.
The “Spirit of Enterprise Award” is given annually to members of congress based on their votes on critical business legislation that is outlined in the Chamber Publication, “How They Voted.”
To qualify for the award, members must support the Chamber’s position on at least 70% of those votes, Simpson was over 90%.
KPVI News 6 spoke with Simpson about his recent success in getting the Boulder-White Clouds Bill through to the President’s desk and what it will do for Idaho.
“Its very pleasing to see it pass the House and the Senate and get on the President’s Desk, there will be a signing ceremony tomorrow in Washington that I’m going to head back to, but it’s important for Idaho it brings some stability and some certainty to the land management in the Boulder White Cloud areas” said Congressman Mike Simpson.
The bill will establish three new wilderness areas, multiple wilderness study areas will be released back to multiple uses, and it will provide funds to counties surrounding the Boulder-White Clouds area.
Source: KPVI News 6