Simpson Campaign Releases New Ad “41″

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Boise, ID – Today, Congressman Mike Simpson’s campaign announced the release of its new ad, “41.” The ad highlights Congressman Simpson’s fight to protect Idahoans against Barack Obama and his liberal policies.

“I’ve fought to protect Idahoans from Barack Obama and his wasteful spending, his government takeover of healthcare and his liberal policies,” said Congressman Mike Simpson. “I’ve voted over 40 times to repeal or defund Obamacare and co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment to end wasteful spending. I’m proud of my proven, conservative record of fighting for Idaho.”




I’m Mike Simpson and I approve this message.

“These Idahoans represent the thousands of people like you that I’ve fought to protect from Barack Obama.”

His wasteful spending…

His government takeover of healthcare.

They represent the more than 40 times I’ve voted to repeal or defund Obamacare.

The more than 40 times I’ve stood up for you against liberals back East like Barack Obama.


Mike Simpson. Proven conservative. Idaho tough.

Congressman Simpson is a proud conservative who enjoys an A+ rating with the NRA and a 100 percent rating with National Right to Life. He has authored billions of dollars in cuts to the EPA, the delisting of wolves, and protections for Idaho’s farmers and ranchers. Simpson has fought Obamacare by voting against it over 50 times, pushed a balanced budget amendment, and voted repeatedly to lower taxes on all Americans