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We are writing to offer our strongest endorsement of Congressman Mike Simpson and to explain why he is the best advocate for agriculture and our state.

Since taking office in 1998, Congressman Simpson has fought successfully for the policy priorities of Idaho agriculture in the three farm bills passed by Congress in that time.

As a member of the House Agriculture Committee in 2002, Congressman Simpson helped secure support for the commodity, conservation, and rural development titles, including many other programs so crucial to our industry.

His work as a member of the House Appropriations Committee has resulted in critical funds supporting numerous agriculture research projects based in Idaho. He has used his considerable influence to open new market opportunities for Idaho agricultural products thereby fortifying Idaho’s agricultural economy.

Our support for Congressman Simpson, however, extends far beyond these accomplishments.

Congressman Simpson has been a strong supporter of cutting taxes and the regulations that are harmful to our industry. He has championed efforts to eliminate the death tax, lower the capital gains tax, and abolish the current tax code.

Congressman Simpson has protected the rights of farmers, ranchers and private property owners in the regulatory arena as well. He has succeeded in limiting the EPA’s jurisdiction over Idaho water, cutting the agency’s ballooning budget by nearly $2 billion, and halted the EPA’s attempts to impose onerous climate change regulations on Idaho’s agriculture industry.

Congressman Simpson has stood strong for Idaho agriculture as chairman of the subcommittee that funds the U.S. Department of Interior. He single-handedly delisted wolves, blocked the Obama Administration’s Wildlands Initiative, and secured language exposing bureaucratic abuse of the Equal Access to Justice Act.

For these reasons and many more, we urge you to support a true friend of Idaho agriculture by casting your vote for Congressman Mike Simpson on May 20.

Milk Producers of Idaho

Idaho Grain Producers Association

Idaho Cattle Association

Idaho Sugar Beet Growers Association

Idaho Potato Industry Political Action Committee

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