Simpson Campaign Releases Second Ad

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Boise, ID – Today Mike Simpson’s campaign announced the release of its second television ad, “Love,” which will air in the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls media markets. The ad highlights personal injury lawyer Bryan Smith’s love for his job.

“Bryan Smith loves being a personal Injury lawyer, loves enriching himself at the expense of Idaho families and loved opposing conservative efforts to limit frivolous lawsuits,” said Simpson spokesperson Sarah Nelson. “It’s time that Idahoans learn about his real record and that there is nothing to love about Bryan Smith.”

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I’m Mike Simpson and I approve this message.

(Bryan Smith)

“I love my job”… …”love my job” … “love my job.”

Smith’s job?

He’s a personal injury lawyer who’s enriched himself by filing over 10,000 lawsuits.

Opposed conservative efforts to limit frivolous lawsuits and outrageous payouts that cost businesses millions and drive up healthcare expenses.

…I love my job…

Personal injury lawyer Bryan Smith

More lawsuits for him

Fewer jobs for us.


Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Bryan Smith is a partner at the law firm Smith, Driscoll & Associates and lists “personal injury” as an area of expertise.

On His Law Firm’s Website, Smith Is Listed As A “Personal Injury” Lawyer. (Smith, Driscoll &Associates, PLLC Website,, Accessed 7/25/13. Website has since been removed.)

(Smith, Driscoll & Associates, PLLC Website,, Accessed 9/16/13. Website has since been removed.)

Idaho Statesman: “On Smith’s business website he lists ‘personal injury’ third on a list of five practice areas: “Litigation; Commercial Law; Personal Injury; Insurance; Construction Litigation.” …Smith is the only one listed as practicing personal-injury law.” (Idaho Statesman 9/10/2013)

Martindale-Hubbell: Martindale-Hubbell law directories for 2009-2013 list personal injury as one of Smith’s five areas of practice in Smith’s biography.

Filed over 10,000 lawsuits

  • Bryan Smith is associated with two separate debt collection firms; one is called Diversified Equity systems and the other Medical Recovery Services. The two companies have filed more than ten thousand lawsuits in Idaho. (Idaho State Judiciary Repository website,

Opposed State-Level Tort Reform Legislation:

  • Bryan Smith vocally opposed state-level tort reform legislation backed by a broad coalition of businesses and healthcare providers.

In 2003, The Idaho Legislature Heard Testimony On A Proposal To “Limit Certain Damages Awarded In Civil Lawsuits.” (Chuck Oxley, “Panel Sends Lawsuit Limits To House Floor,” The Associated Press, 2/14/03)

The Legislation Enjoyed Broad And Deep Support. “The legislation … is championed by such political powerhouses as the Idaho Medical Association, the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, the Farm Bureau, state associations of cities and counties, and numerous special interest business groups. … Proponents said the bill was aimed at reducing insurance rates, especially skyrocketing malpractice premiums paid by doctors and hospitals. … Business groups support the bill mainly because it lowers their risk exposure and potentially their liability insurance, and because it may have the effect of reducing insurance costs for employee health plans.” (Chuck Oxley, “Panel Sends Lawsuit Limits To House Floor,” The Associated Press, 2/14/03)

Amid Widespread Support, Smith Was Among The “Dozens Of Lawyers” Who Turned Out To Oppose The Measure. “Why should (a defendant in a civil lawsuit) offer $250,000 if that’s all the maximum risk there is,” Attorney Bryan Smith of Idaho Falls said.” (Chuck Oxley, “Panel Sends Lawsuit Limits To House Floor,” The Associated Press, 2/14/03)

Congressman Simpson is a proud conservative who enjoys an A+ rating with the NRA and a 100 percent rating with National Right to Life. He has authored billions of dollars in cuts to the EPA, the delisting of wolves, and protections for Idaho’s farmers and ranchers. Simpson has fought Obamacare by voting against it 49 times, has pushed a balanced budget amendment and has voted repeatedly to lower taxes on all Americans.