Obamacare is NOT Ready and Should be Delayed Simpson cosponsors bill to delay implementation of national healthcare plan

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Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson is a cosponsor of H.R. 3359, known as the “Delay Until Fully Functional Act,” offered by Rep. Trey Radel in the House and Sen. Marco Rubio in the Senate. The bill would delay the individual health insurance mandate in Obamacare until six months after the Government Accountability Office confirms that the exchange website is functioning properly.

“We all know that the healthcare.gov rollout has been an abject failure, and with little information coming out of the administration, it appears the website may be inoperable for some time,” said Simpson. “That being said, let’s not focus on celebrating its failure. Instead, let’s work to ensure that as few Americans are impacted by this debacle as possible.”

Despite having three years and hundreds of millions of dollars to build the site, it still is not working a month after it was supposed to come online. This comes on top of recent confirmation that millions of Americans are being booted off their health insurance plans despite repeated statements from the White House that this would not happen.

“The Obamacare website’s flaws illustrate the inherent problems with government run healthcare,” said Simpson. “Obviously, Americans should not be forced to sign up for a program that is simply not ready. This bill guarantees all Americans will have enough time to find out what their new options and costs are before they have to make a decision about their insurance. I believe the entire law should be repealed, but until that time comes, I will look for ways to fix its biggest problems and protect as many Americans as possible.”