Congressman Simpson has Supported Idaho Ag; Those Who Depend on Idaho Ag Would do Right by Remembering His Loyalty in the 2014 Elections

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By Idaho Dairymen’s Association Staff Idaho Dairy Focus – November 2013 Issue

Over the past decade and one half, Idaho dairymen and women have had no better friend in Washington than Congressman Simpson. In part, this stems from his specific support of our industry and the business and agriculture communities in general. Congressman Simpson has been a strong supporter of a small, but reasonable federal government – understanding its role in rural America and advocating for the interests of rural communities.

He has done this by supporting agriculture in general and by supporting farm bills in particular. As a member of the House Agriculture Committee in 2001, he helped write portions of the 2001 Farm Bill that are important to Idaho and has remained a strong voice for agriculture on the House Appropriations Committee.

He has an open door policy with us and everyone in agriculture. He has been a voice of reason on the need for a comprehensive fix to our nation’s immigration system. He has sought increased truck weights for agriculture and was one of the co‐authors, along with Minnesota Rep. Colin Peterson, of the dairy program reform provisions we’ve been seeking.

Beyond the specific policies he has advocated on our behalf, Congressman Simpson has earned our respect because he is honest with us and with the people of Idaho. He tells the truth when sometimes it would be easier to deceive. He gives us honest advice as opposed to telling us what he believes we would like to hear. He takes the tough position when it’s the right thing to do regardless of the consequences for his own political well-being.

His opponent in next year’s primary would do well to better follow Congressman Simpson’s example. Instead, he has put out half‐truths and misleading statements about Congressman Simpson’s record.

He’s calling Congressman Simpson a liberal despite the fact that the NRA gave him an A+ rating and the American Conservative Union scores him high in their rankings.

He’s claimed that Simpson supported funding for ACORN when the record clearly shows that he opposed it dozens of times.

He’s claimed that Simpson opposes the defunding of Obamacare when Simpson has actually voted to repeal, delay, or defund it over 40 times.

The Idaho media has debunked many of these misleading statements over the past two months and called Simpson’s opponent out for his attempts to mislead the voters.

As an organization, we’ve not endorsed in this race, or any other race, at this time.

We traditionally don’t endorse in political races.

But in this instance, and with this race, a strong supporter of the dairy industry, and a good friend to many of you who are reading this issue, is under attack for his support of us and his concern for rural America. The attacks aren’t always based on fact and they often run contrary to what is good for our industry and our state.

With that in mind, I hope you will take time to reflect on the efforts of Congressman Simpson and on the importance of his continuing work in Congress.

Our industry, and all of agriculture, need friends like Mike Simpson in Congress and once they are there, and working hard