Simpson Receives A+ from the National Rifle Association

Posted on 04/02/12 in Recent News, No Comments

Boise, ID – The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently released its grades and endorsements, and Mike Simpson, Republican from Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District, received the highest rating, an A+.

“I’m honored to receive the highest rating from the esteemed NRA,” said Simpson. “Our Founders knew that protecting the right of citizens to keep and bear arms was necessary to build a free democracy, and I have long been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. During my time in Congress I have made it clear that I will not support any legislation that bans the ownership of firearms, taxes gun ownership, or requires a waiting period to purchase a firearm. I strongly believe that hunting and fishing are not only important forms of recreation but crucial to the way of life we enjoy in Idaho, and I am working to ensure that Idahoans continue to have access to these activities on public lands.”

An A+ rating means that not only did the legislator have an excellent voting record on all critical NRA issues, but he also made a vigorous effort to promote and defend the 2nd Amendment.

The NRA-PVF is non-partisan in issuing its candidate grades and endorsements. They do not base decisions on a candidate’s party affiliation, but rather on his or her record on Second Amendment issues. The NRA is a single issue organization. The only issues on which we evaluate candidates seeking elected office are gun-related issues. To view the scorecard of the National Rifle Association visit their grades and endorsements website at